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Best Rated Cultural Sites by Members

San Anton Gardens Attard 10.00
Palazzo Parisio Naxxar 10.00
St. John’s Cathedral Valletta 10.00
Casa Rocca Piccola Valletta 9.00
Palazzo Parisio Naxxar 9.00
Upper Barrakka Gardens Valletta 9.00
Lower Barrakka Gardens Valletta 9.00
Buskett Garden Buskett 9.00
Chinese Garden of Serenity Santa Lucija 8.50
Għar Dalam Cave and Museum Birzebbuga 8.00

Diving sites in Malta, Gozo and Comino: an underwater wonderland of wrecks, caves and reefs

Diving in Malta, Gozo and Comino, anywhere at any time you like

Malta is famous for its variety in dive sites ranging from cave dives to reef and wreck dives, all within easy reach. Diving in Malta is an excellent all year round activity with perfect visibility. Besides, Malta has more shore and boat dives available than most islands or resorts and the small size of the Maltese Islands allow for several diving trips during your holiday.

Clearest water in the Mediterranean Sea and a variety of depths to chose from

The waters in Malta are perfect for both recreational diving as well as more advanced and technical diving and there are dive spots to suit all ranges of ability and interest. The  depths of the dive sites in Malta vary and divers can choose from very shallow 10m dives at Ghar Lapsi to the 40m+ Lantern Point, which even takes divers through an underwater tunnel over 50m long.


Diving sites list (20)

Underwater Madonna statue
The Madonna Statue is a very popular dive site situated in the northern part of Malta. The Madonna Statue is the ideal diving site to explore during your holiday in Malta as ...
Comments: 0 Views: 10472 Rates: 10.00
Cathedral cave Ghasri Valley
The Cathedral Cave dive or the Blue Dome is a spectacular dive in Gozo ideal for all levels of divers, especially the more adventurous ones The Cathedral Cave dive, also called the Blue Dome, is a wo...
Comments: 0 Views: 11597 Rates: 10.00
Fish around the HMS Maori in Valletta
The HMS Maori is quite a famous wreck that is very popular with trained divers in Malta The HMS Maori dive site is situated just below fort St. Elmo in Valletta, the capital of Malta and is one of th...
Comments: 0 Views: 9902 Rates: 10.00
Underwater Cirkewwa Arch
The Arch in Cirkewwa is a popular diving site with Maltese and tourist divers as it shows spectacular marine life The Arch is a popular diving site in Cirkewwa with a breathtaking natural archwa...
Comments: 0 Views: 8402 Rates: 10.00
Comino caves
The Santa Maria Caves in Comino provide interesting dives for all levels of diving expertise The Santa Maria Caves are located on the north side of Comino and this is a very popular dive site due to ...
Comments: 0 Views: 16506 Rates: 10.00
diving in the Blue Hole
The Blue Hole in Dwejra, Gozo is one of the most popular dive sites in the Maltese Islands. The Blue Hole dive site in Dwejra overlooks the beautiful Azure Window and starts in a fantastic 10m w...
Comments: 0 Views: 35613 Rates: 9.50
Marine life at the Inland Sea
The Inland Sea dive is one of the most spectacular dive sites in Malta and Gozo, offering beautiful lighting effects and plenty of marine life The Inland Sea is a very popular and spectacular dive th...
Comments: 0 Views: 17356 Rates: 9.00
Fish at Reqqa Point
Reqqa Point is a popular reef diving site in Ghasri, Gozo, giving you an opportunity to explore the underwater world and discover the marine life The Reqqa Point or Reqqa Reef dive in Ghasri, Go...
Comments: 0 Views: 12085 Rates: 9.00
Diving at Ghar Lapsi
The Ghar Lapsi dive offers a great cave dive which is ideal also for beginners The quiet and shallow waters of Ghar Lapsi offer a perfect dive for beginners and new divers who can descend on the reef...
Comments: 0 Views: 12423 Rates: 9.00
Diver exploring side of P29
The P29 dive in Cirkewwa is an interesting dive that combines the exploration of a wreck with the discovery of beautiful marine life The P29 wreck dive is done around the 62m long, 16m...
Comments: 0 Views: 14578 Rates: 9.00

Malta takes care of its diving sites to offer the best diving experience possible

Dive sites in Malta are continuously being improved with ladders, benches and clean ups for a more enjoyable diving trip. When diving in Malta be ready to see barracuda, octopi, moray, eels, seahorses, soft coral and much more.

Browse the list below to see some of the most beautiful spots where to dive, all around the coastal waters of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Pictures featured in the dive sites have been taken from the dive guide Scuba Diving Malta Gozo Comino by Peter G. Lemon.

Best diving sites according to staff

> Santa Maria Caves
> Reqqa Reef
> P29
> The Blue Hole
> Ghar Lapsi