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Radio and TV Stations in Malta

TV Channels in Malta

Malta has 8 local TV stations showing a wide range of programmes. Two of the TV channels in Malta belong to the largest political parties and are very popular with the locals.

When considering how many things there are to do and see in Malta, Gozo and Comino, watching TV might not be the first thing that comes to your mind during your holiday. Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about Maltese culture explore the local TV channels listed below.

A list of TV Channels in Malta

Local information

One TV

This TV channel in Malta is one of the most popular TV channels in Malta and shows many different programs such as news, sports, and events with a mix of informative and educational programs. One TV in is owned by the Malta Labour Party.   Most programs at One TV are broadcasted in Maltese.

TVM - Television Malta

This TV channel has been on air for decades. It is the national television of Malta and is operated by the public Broadcasting Services (PBS). TVM is owned by the state and shows a large variety of programs such as sport, news, teleshopping and entertainment shows.  Most programs at TVM are broadcasted in Maltese.

Smash TV

Smash TV is a local TV channel from Paola and is a neutral TV station with different opinions and political views broadcasted. Smash TV shows sports, discussion programs and news. On this TV channel in Malta shows are broadcasted in Maltese.

Net Television

Net Television is a private TV station that broadcasts between 07:00-24:00 every day. This TV channel in Malta is owned by the Nationalist Party and has been airing since 1998. At Net Television shows are broadcasted in Maltese with a focus on news, family entertainment, sports and children’s programs.


Di-Ve broadcast various TV shows ranging from soap operas to cooking shows.

Education 22 Channel

Education 22 Channel is a cultural TV station in Malta and broadcast its programs in Maltese.

Calypso Music TV

Calypso Music TV channel broadcasts educational, cultural and entertaining programmes, with local and international music being the main element. It is Malta’s first TV channel dedicated to the promotion of local music talents.

Favourite Channel TV

Favourite Channel TV in Malta shows news and a variety of other general tv programs.

A List of Radio Stations in Malta

Local information

88.7 MHz - Vibe FM

Vibe FM plays all the latest hits in Malta

89.7 MHz - Bay Radio

Bay Radio is one of the most popular radio stations in Malta and plays all the latest hits.

91.7 MHz - Malta’s Magic

Malta’s Magic plays a wide range of classic and contemporary hits.

92.7 MHz - ONE Radio

ONE Radio is owned by the Malta Labour Party and airs music as well as debates and political programs.

93.7 MHz - Radju Malta 2

Radju Malta 2 is a radio station with a lot discussion and information.

100.2 MHz - XFM Malta

XFM plays all the latest hits in Malta

101 MHz - Radio 101

Radio 101 is owned by the Nationalist Party and airs music as well as debates and political programs.

101.8 MHz - Radio Calypso

Radio Calypso plays retro music.

103 MHz - RTK

RTK is a radio station with debates, discussions, talk-shows and different programs with very little music.

103.7 MHz - Campus FM Radio

Campus FM Radio broadcast programs from University hosted by students for students.

104.6 MHz - Smash Radio

Smash Radio plays all the latest hits in Malta

106.6 MHz  -  Maltin Biss

Maltin Biss broadcasts parliamentary debates

Digital Radios in Malta

Malta has recently started operating a system of Digital Audio Broadcasting, which offers more radio channels with an enhanced audio quality.

Bay Retro

Bay Retro plays the best music from the last four decades.

Bay Easy

Bay Easy plays calm, relaxing and chill out hits throughout the day.

The Groove

The Groove plays the best of the 60s and 70s.