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Pharmacies in Malta and Gozo

There are many pharmacies across Malta and Gozo: at least one pharmacy in each village. However, certain villages, such as Birkirkara may have up to 14 pharmacies. Pharmacies in Malta play an important role in the health care system as they do not only provide medication but most of the pharmacies also offer the service of local

Medication prescribed by doctors can be collected from pharmacies presenting the prescription, and all other generic medicines do not require a prescription.

Certain pharmacies choose to close on Saturday afternoons; however there will still be at least one pharmacy in each village open as usual. The pharmacies which are closed on Saturday afternoons should have a notice on the door with information about which pharmacy is open instead.

There are also pharmacies in Malta open on Sundays; however they operate on roster basis. View the current list of pharmacies open this Sunday!

Most pharmacies in Malta and Gozo are open Monday-Friday 09:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00-19:00; Saturday 09:00-12:00, nevertheless this might vary slightly from pharmacy to pharmacy.