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Police Stations around Malta and Gozo

Local informationA short history of Malta Police

Malta Police Force traces back to 1813-1814, during the time of the Governor Sir Thomas Maitland. Sir Maitland embarked on a journey of reforms and improvements, amongst which was maintaining Law and Order on the island. The Malta Police Force is thus one of the oldest police forces in Europe.

Law enforcement duties

Policemen in Malta have diverse responsibilities, ranging from crime investigation to protection of the national security. Police act upon receiving any information, report or complaint, which could result in a criminal or civil investigation. Usually, the Maltese police investigate only criminally related offences and do not interfere in civil cases. After investigating and collecting evidence, the offenders are brought to court.
There are about 1,800 serving police officers at the moment, around half of them are district police officers while the rest are stationed in different sections of the Malta Police force such as the Drug Squad, Traffic Section and the Forensic Science Laboratory.

Police stations

There is a police station in every town and village in Malta and Gozo, as well as a few others in areas where crowds gather such as the Festas and other events. Most of the police offices are open throughout, but in some quiet villages, where the crime rate is very low, and life is generally smooth, police stations are closed during the night. In any case, should you require a police service in an emergency, call the emergency number 112.

To report small crimes or lost objects, you can also use their website and submit a report online. Below you can find a list of all the police stations with their contact details.