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Best Rated Cultural Sites by Members

San Anton Gardens Attard 10.00
Palazzo Parisio Naxxar 10.00
St. John’s Cathedral Valletta 10.00
Casa Rocca Piccola Valletta 9.00
Palazzo Parisio Naxxar 9.00
Upper Barrakka Gardens Valletta 9.00
Lower Barrakka Gardens Valletta 9.00
Buskett Garden Buskett 9.00
Chinese Garden of Serenity Santa Lucija 8.50
Għar Dalam Cave and Museum Birzebbuga 8.00

Culture in Malta and Gozo: architecture, art, museums from the Maltese heritage

Prehistoric temples, legends and the importance of religion in Malta

Maltese historical heritage date back to 7,000 years ago, when megalithic temples were built and mysterious societies inhabited the islands to then disappear suddenly, leaving only traces.

Malta is supposedly one of the first countries to have embraced Christianity, following the shipwreck of Saint Paul in 60 A.D. There are 365 churches, scattered around Malta, and you will find at least one in any village main square. One of the most magnificent once is the St. John's Cathedral in Valletta!

Cultural sites list (93)

Auberge de castille in valletta
The houses of the Knights of St. John The term Auberge refers to the Knights’ houses. During their first years in Malta, the Knights had to serve once a week in the existing hospitals and in re...
Comments: 1 Views: 15284 Rates: 8.00
VallettaBuilding Fortification
pillory at the old prison museum in Gozo
The Old Prison of Gozo gives you an opportunity to understand how life in prison was like from the sixteenth century on The Old Prison is located in Gozo within the walls of the Citadel, overlooking ...
Comments: 0 Views: 11498 Rates: 0
skyline of the Cittadella Cathedral in Victoria Gozo
The baroque Cathedral of the Cittadella in Gozo is an elegant church with beautiful decorations This prominent baroque Cathedral in the Cittadella, Victoria, Gozo, was designed by Lorenzo Gafa’...
Comments: 0 Views: 8602 Rates: 8.00
dry fountain in the Gardjola Gardens Senglea
Gardjola Gardens in Senglea's bastions offer spectacular views of the Grand Harbour The Gardjola Gardens are located in Senglea, perched on the bastion with fantastic panoramic views over Marsa, Vall...
Comments: 0 Views: 19534 Rates: 0
SengleaGarden Park
Statue of a woman discovered in the Hagar Qim Temples
Hagar Qim is an impressive temple from the Maltese prehistory, created by huge megaliths and large altars  The Hagar Qim Temple in Qrendi, Malta was discovered under rubble in 1839, dating from ...
Comments: 1 Views: 12014 Rates: 0
QrendiTemple Historical site
Monument of Taxien Temples
The Tarxien temple is an impressive prehistoric temple that shows the devotion of the people to their gods The Tarxien temple is located a few hundred metres away from the Hypogeum. The complex ...
Comments: 0 Views: 9170 Rates: 0
TarxienTemple Historical site
Fortifications around the Three Cities The aim of the Cottonera Lines fortifications was to guard the Three Cities. This massive line of fortifications was one of the major military structural projec...
Comments: 0 Views: 8434 Rates: 0
CospicuaBuilding Fortification
The Wignacourt museum displays several collections of art and sculptures important to Maltese history The Wignacourt Museum is a very interesting museum located in Rabat that was open in 1981 and spr...
Comments: 0 Views: 7557 Rates: 0
The Mellieha Parish Church
Visit the Sanctuary of our Lady and enjoy spectacular views over Mellieha bay, Gozo and Comino The Sanctuary of our Lady is located at the edge of a hill, in the heart of Mellieha. Built in the late ...
Comments: 0 Views: 6259 Rates: 0
Cliffs of the Il majjistral Nature Park
The Majjistral Park, located in the Northwest of Malta, includes a number of beautiful beaches and natural attractions The Majjistral Park is the only natural park in Malta, located in the Northwest ...
Comments: 0 Views: 3673 Rates: 0
MelliehaGarden Park

Attractions - CultureMuseums, Palazzos and Buildings

From archaeological finds to Second World War shelters, Malta offers millennia of history, art and architecture one next to another walking in the narrow streets of Valletta or in many other small villages.

All along the Maltese littoral you will find bastions, tower and fortifications, built to protect the Island from pirates and invaders. The knights of the Order of St. John and then the British rulers have left the most remarkable imprint on Maltese architecture.

Green lust and botanic gardens

Attractions - Culture

Botanic gardens and parks are an oasis of tranquillity and provide cool shade during the summer months.

They are the triumph of men on the arid climate, and a display of skilled and tasteful composition of flowers and plants.

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