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Bigilla recipe, make your own traditional spicy beans

This recipe is the one of the most popular maltese dips on the island. Ideal to share with friends around a table accompaning a drink and olives. It can be also spread on bread for a sandwich to bring to the beach!

Ingredients to make your own Bigilla:

    1 lb dried broad beans
    2 sprigs parsley
    1 head of garlic crushed
    1 chili pepper
    a dash of Tabasco
    1 tbsp of mixed marjoram & mint, finely chopped
    2 tbsp olive oil

Don't worry, it's easy to prepare Bigilla:

Soak beans overnite and replace water the next day when you are going to prepare the recipe.
Bring to boil in salted water and keep simmering until beans are soft. Drain the beans and mash them lightly. Allow them to cool off a little and place them in a serving dish. Pour olive oil on top and mix well untill you get a creamy sauce. Add other ingredients to taste.

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