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Chef Interview - Emperor of India Restaurant

chef interview - emperor of indiaThe Emperor of India and Chef Ajit Bachan Singh

Emperor of India is located in the heart of Paceville, Malta, and serves authentic Indian culinary delights and the restaurant is furnished with typical Indian décor and it feels like leaving Malta and stepping onto another continent. The food is cooked by the Indian chefs, one of them Ajit Bachan Singh who prepares exciting and tasty food to make your dining experience original and top class. 

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Full interview with chef Ajit Bachan Singh from The Emperor of India Restaurant

What inspires your cooking?

The satisfaction of my clients is my biggest inspiration.

Is cooking Indian food in India different from cooking it for the Maltese people?

Yes, because Indians love their food very spicy and hot and in Malta, the maltese people usually like it mild.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?

The biggest challange i face in my job is satisfying all clients and  always trying to accomodate any possible request.

What do you want to achieve with your cooking?

Recognition as an award winning chef and to become a pioneer in my field.

What are your best cooking creations?

Experamenting and always trying to create something new and different.

What did you learn from your grandmother, that you still use in your kitchen today.

To cook with all natural spices and not to use any artificial colours.


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