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Dining in Malta and Gozo

restaurants in Malta

Restaurants in Malta and Gozo

Dining at restaurants in Malta and Gozo is an experience every time. You have almost endless possibilities to choose from depending on your mood, cravings, appetite and pockets. From the small, family run, cosy restaurant, to the slow food approved bistro. Enjoy the Maltese weather and have a refreshing drink on a bar terrace, watching people passing by or contemplating the sea.

Maltese specialities and recipes

Maltese traditional specialities are deeply rooted in the island history and beliefs: for example, what is nowadays considered the national dish, the Fenkata or rabbit stew, was a symbol of resistence against the hunting restrictions the Knights of St. John imposed on the Maltese population.

Food markets around Malta

The ingredients to cook all the recipes may be found in the local food markets that are hold on different days and locations across the island. You will mainly find seasonal products, fresh and of good quality, with relatively cheaper prices than shops and supermarkets. The colourful stalls and the smells that especially in the summer hot days are released from the fruit boxes are inhebriant.

Restaurant in Malta and Gozo

Chef interviews with local chefs

In our chef interview section we interviewed for you several chefs, trying to grasp their cooking secrets and to understand better their recipes through their lives in and out of the kitchen.

A ritual of Maltese culture

There are some really tight bonds between Maltese identity and its cuisine. Being a Mediterranean country, food has a fundamental social role within Maltese culture, it brings family and friends together, it is always present at celebrations and it is celebrated as a pleasure for body and soul.