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Dar Ta' Lonza Ghasri 9.00
Dar tal-Patri and Dar tas-Soru Ghasri 9.00
Dar Ta' Betta Gharb 9.00
Dar Ta' Kelina Kercem 9.00
Razzett Ghasri Ghasri 8.50
Xlendi Farmhouse Xlendi 8.00
Dar Ta' Censina Ghasri 8.00
Dar Ta' Mansi Gharb 8.00
Ta Cikka Farmhouse FH055 Xaghra 7.00
Pergola 4 Farmhouse FH057 Xaghra 0.0

2 Bedroom farmhouses: experience countrylife as in the the old-fashioned way

2 bedrooms farmhouseModern features and antiques walls

If you want to relax in the beautiful Gozitans countryside close to amazing beaches and ancient temples, renting your own traditional farmhouse is the perfect option. Farmhouses in Gozo are often equipped with barbeque areas and a swimming pool and a courtyard.

Browse our list below and see what type of 2 bedroomed Farmhouse in Gozo you are looking for!

Farmhouses list in category : 2 Bedrooms (3)

Ta Betta deck area and facade
Dar ta' Betta is a rustic farmhouse ideal for your Gozo holiday Dar ta' Betta is a two bedroom rustic farmhouse located in the rural village of Gharb in Gozo, enjoying beautiful views of the Gharb ch...
Comments: 0 Views: 15959 Rates: 9.00
Gharb2 BedroomsBOOK NOW!
Ta Mansi double bedroom
Dar Ta' Mansi provides you with a comfortable and cosy farmhouse for your holiday in Gozo Dar ta' Mansi is situated in the rural village of Gharb. This farmhouse has been tastefully renovated featuri...
Comments: 0 Views: 12455 Rates: 8.00
Gharb2 BedroomsBOOK NOW!
Ta Kelina internal courtyard
Dar ta' Kelina in Gozo offers you a comfortable and cosy place to stay in Gozo Dar Ta Kelina is situated at the end of a quiet alley in the rural village of Santa Lucija in Gozo. This farmhouse can a...
Comments: 0 Views: 14170 Rates: 9.00
Kercem2 BedroomsBOOK NOW!