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Best Rated Cultural Sites by Members

San Anton Gardens Attard 10.00
Palazzo Parisio Naxxar 10.00
St. John’s Cathedral Valletta 10.00
Casa Rocca Piccola Valletta 9.00
Palazzo Parisio Naxxar 9.00
Upper Barrakka Gardens Valletta 9.00
Lower Barrakka Gardens Valletta 9.00
Buskett Garden Buskett 9.00
Chinese Garden of Serenity Santa Lucija 8.50
Għar Dalam Cave and Museum Birzebbuga 8.00

Culture in Malta and Gozo: architecture, art, museums from the Maltese heritage

Prehistoric temples, legends and the importance of religion in Malta

Maltese historical heritage date back to 7,000 years ago, when megalithic temples were built and mysterious societies inhabited the islands to then disappear suddenly, leaving only traces.

Malta is supposedly one of the first countries to have embraced Christianity, following the shipwreck of Saint Paul in 60 A.D. There are 365 churches, scattered around Malta, and you will find at least one in any village main square. One of the most magnificent once is the St. John's Cathedral in Valletta!

Cultural sites list (93)

Entrance to the Howard Gardens In Rabat
Howard gardens provide a quiet spot just outside Mdina, offering beautiful views of the medieval city Howard Gardens is one of the larger gardens in Malta named after the first Prime Minister of Malt...
Comments: 0 Views: 7937 Rates: 0
MdinaGarden Park
main gate at Ta´Qali National Park
The National Park is a big green space in central Malta, used for several events throughout the year Ta Qali National Park is a very popular park situated in the centre of Malta. Closeby, you will al...
Comments: 1 Views: 14870 Rates: 7.00
AttardGarden Park
THE sleeping lady of Malta at the National Museum of Archaeology
The National Museum of Archaelogy displays several tools and decorations that survived millenia A visit to The National Museum of Archaeology is an ideal way to learn about the prehistory of Malta. T...
Comments: 0 Views: 23152 Rates: 0
The Santa Maria Watchtower
Comino's only fortification Santa Marija tower in Comino, was built in 1618 by Grandmaster de Wignacourt on a site that is 80 metres above sea-level, as part of the chain of towers that provided defe...
Comments: 0 Views: 5347 Rates: 0
CominoBuilding Fortification
altar and pulpit in St. john's cathedral valletta
St. John's Cathedral in Malta is the fine exhebition of art, architecture and sculptures St. John’s Cathedral is a precious artistic and architectural jewel in Valletta. Do not be fooled by its...
Comments: 2 Views: 22690 Rates: 10.00
location of Lascaris war rooms
Explore the interesting war rooms that were under high security Lascaris War Rooms are located 400 feet under the Upper Barrakka Gardens, representing one of Malta’s best kept secrets from the ...
Comments: 0 Views: 11865 Rates: 0
palazzo parisio seen from the garden
Palazzo Parisio gardens, probably the most beautiful gardens in Malta Palazzo Parisio was built in the 19th century in the heart of Naxxar by Marquis Giuseppe Scicluna as his own private residence. H...
Comments: 1 Views: 21674 Rates: 10.00
NaxxarGarden Park
Skorba temples provide prehistorical structures that describes the life of the first settlers on the Maltese Islands The Skorba Temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Mgarr, about a kil...
Comments: 0 Views: 6988 Rates: 0
MgarrTemple Historical site
Jesus statue in the Inquisitor's Palace of Vittoriosa
The Inquisitor's Palace in Birgu allows you to experience Malta during the times of the inquisition The Inquisitor’s Palace is located in the beautiful and historic town of Birgu (Vittoriosa) i...
Comments: 0 Views: 9544 Rates: 0
Couvre porte in Vittoriosa Birgu
The entrance to Vittoriosa The Couvre Porte presents an impressive and complex gateway structure that provided access into the city of Vittoriosa. There are three gates from the early 18th century th...
Comments: 0 Views: 10885 Rates: 0
BirguBuilding Fortification

Attractions - CultureMuseums, Palazzos and Buildings

From archaeological finds to Second World War shelters, Malta offers millennia of history, art and architecture one next to another walking in the narrow streets of Valletta or in many other small villages.

All along the Maltese littoral you will find bastions, tower and fortifications, built to protect the Island from pirates and invaders. The knights of the Order of St. John and then the British rulers have left the most remarkable imprint on Maltese architecture.

Green lust and botanic gardens

Attractions - Culture

Botanic gardens and parks are an oasis of tranquillity and provide cool shade during the summer months.

They are the triumph of men on the arid climate, and a display of skilled and tasteful composition of flowers and plants.

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