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Dar Ta' Lonza Ghasri 9.00
Dar tal-Patri and Dar tas-Soru Ghasri 9.00
Dar Ta' Betta Gharb 9.00
Dar Ta' Kelina Kercem 9.00
Razzett Ghasri Ghasri 8.50
Xlendi Farmhouse Xlendi 8.00
Dar Ta' Censina Ghasri 8.00
Dar Ta' Mansi Gharb 8.00
Ta Cikka Farmhouse FH055 Xaghra 7.00
Pergola 4 Farmhouse FH057 Xaghra 0.0

Apartments in Marsascala: enjoy your holiday in the south of Malta

Choose an apartment in Marsascala and enjoy the luxury of more space

Marsascala is a seaside resort in the south of Malta. It's very popular with tourists and locals alike, as it has a number of restaurants, clubs, bars and a cinema. There is also a beautiful promenade that stretches along the coastline, offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. 

There a number of apartments in Marsascala to choose from - whether you're travelling to Malta with your family or friends. Apartments offer you the luxury of space as well as a private kitchen, bathroom facilities, and often a private terraces for your own personal use.


Apartments list in Marsaskala (1)

Rent an apartment in Marsascala and be close to the Maltese countryisde and simply relax. Platinum Holiday Apartments are located in the heart of Marsascala, which a coastal town in the South of Malt...
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Marsaskala1 Bedroom