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Dar Ta' Lonza Ghasri 9.00
Dar tal-Patri and Dar tas-Soru Ghasri 9.00
Dar Ta' Betta Gharb 9.00
Dar Ta' Kelina Kercem 9.00
Razzett Ghasri Ghasri 8.50
Xlendi Farmhouse Xlendi 8.00
Dar Ta' Censina Ghasri 8.00
Dar Ta' Mansi Gharb 8.00
Ta Cikka Farmhouse FH055 Xaghra 7.00
Pergola 4 Farmhouse FH057 Xaghra 0.0

3 Bedroom apartments in Malta and Gozo

3 bedrooms apartmentRenting an apartment during your on the Maltese Islands makes you feel at home

If you don't want to give up all the comfort of a home, rent a self-catering apartment for your holiday in Malta! You will be able to enjoy all the comfort of a hotel, plus the possibility of manage your time with no curfews and enjoy a quiet dinner on your balcony of your apartment away from the rumble of  restaurants.

Browse our list of 3 bedroom apartments around Malta and Gozo!

Apartments list in category : 3 Bedrooms (1)

Villa Atlantis provides comfortable holiday accommodation close to Xlendi Bay Villa Atlantis is located on high-grounds, just a few minutes away from Xlendi bay, one of the most popular beaches in Go...
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Xlendi3 Bedrooms