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Sport Holiday in Malta

Explore Malta and use your energy at the same time

Malta is a perfect place for a sports holiday. With such a mild climate and over 300 days of sunshine, the Maltese Islands are a great platform to enhance well-being. Malta offers several sporting activities, indoor, outdoor and water sports, practically all year-long. So, when choosing Malta for your getaway, you rest assured that all your days are full of exciting and great activities. Most of the activities offered are quite safe, and but before you head on to any of these suggestions, make sure to check that your holiday insurance covers you in case of any accidents.

Sports in Maltese nature

You can combine your favourite sports with exploring the Maltese landscape. Whether you prefer walking, running or cycling, you can spend some energy while at the same time seeing Malta’s most beautiful scenery. Most of the hidden gems are only accessible by foot, so when walking or running you can definitely enjoy exploring the wide variety of landscapes. Explore nature's jewels: hidden cliffs, caves, valleys, wayside chapels, old forts and some of the prehistoric sites. The best time to do outdoor sports in Malta is from mid-November to mid-May as the landscape is green and lush while the sun is not too strong. If you’re visiting Malta in summer, then try exercising in the morning, as the temperature would be too hot otherwise. Take plenty of water with you and don’t forget your camera behind! 

The landscape is full of life and you will encounter wild flowers such as wild iris, myrtle and Maltese rock-centaury, agricultural fields, pine trees, esparto grass, small boulders, tree spurge and much more!

Other outdoor sports in Malta

Malta offers plenty of other options when it comes to practicing outdoor sports. There are golf courses, climbing walls, fishing trips, tennis courts and football grounds all around, so all you need to do is to decide what you want to play and ask for more details at the reception of your accommodation! Make sure to take plenty of water along and put on sun screen to avoid getting burnt.

Water sports in Maltese waters

The small size of Malta makes it very easy to reach the coast and beaches in only a few minutes. There are many sports and adventurous activities you can enjoy on the beach. It all depends on your mood and style really; if you’re up for speed try going for jet-ski, water-ski, surfing or windsurfing. However, if you’re in a more relaxed mood, try swimming, sailing and canoeing. There are several licensed schools around Malta that offer you instructors and all the equipment you require, so you’re surely be in good hands.

Indoor sports in Malta

In case the weather isn’t so good and you prefer to spend your energy in an indoor activity, you can join one of several clubs or bring a friend to play specific sports such as badminton, basketball, bowling, indoor climbing, squash or boxing. You can also enrol in any gymnasium that offers gyms and fitness rooms complete with a personal trainer to help you optimize your potential. Bowling, indoor climbing, games rooms.

Whatever the season and whatever your age, a sport holiday in Malta will definitely get you some exhilirating time!  


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