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Mgarr: a small rural town surrounded by agricultural land

Mgarr is a little town located in the West part of Malta. It is a rural village, surrounded with fertile agricultural land and vineyards. Many of the locals are in fact, engaged in some sort of agricultural activity. The population is around 3,500 inhabitants.

Mġarr has two important prehistoric sites of worship. Ta Ħaġrat stands in a field close to the town centre, and it is still in a good state of preservation. There are two temples on a trefoil plan and a central courtyard. On the other hand, Ta' Skorba which was excavated in 1963, lies just outside the village. This consists of two distinct temples that hold the record for the two oldest free-standing structures in the world. Cart ruts can be found all over the Mgarr.

Near Ghajn Tuffieha you can see the Thermal Roman Baths that formed part of a villa which included statues and amphorae. This villa was used by high profile Roman families who came to Malta for a stopover in their journey to the North African coast. To the South of Mgarr is the Great Ridge and the Victoria Lines, a fortified 19th Century wall.

Mġarr's incorporates a number of spectacular areas such as Binġemma, Wardija, Fomm ir-Riħ, Ghajn Tuffieha and Ġnejna Bay. Mġarr is also popular for strolls along its countryside and scenic valleys.

Mgarr became a parish at the beginning of the 20th century. The church is dedicated to St. Mary and has a unique oval dome that is one of the largest in the world. Funds to build this church were collected from the sale of more than 300,000 eggs, and a huge number of poultry and animals. This shows the great devotion that the villagers have towards the Blessed Virgin, whose festa is celebrated annually on the Sunday following August 15th. The church stands on high ground and offers spectacular views. The town centre hosts several narrow streets with old houses, while modern buildings have been recently added to the village.

Mgarr: Things to see and do:

Visit Fomm ir-Rih: this place provides spectacular views and is ideal for trekking, especially during winter.

Visit Gnejna Bay: This beautiful popular sandy beach provides an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing.

Visit Ghajn Tuffieha: Another spectacular sandy beach ideal for swimming, sunbathing and watersports.

Visit the Parish Church: The church, dedicated to St. Mary stands on high ground and offers spectacular views.

Go for a walk: Trek along the coast from Fomm ir-Rih to Gnejna Bay or along the countryside.

West-Malta Mgarr, Malta Website Population : 3514 Local council :
22, Sir Harry Luke Street, Mġarr MGR1501,Phone: +356 2152 0011
Bus number : 23, 120
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The Parish Church Assumption and a maltese bus Back of the Parish Church Assumption of Mgarr Fields around Mgarr Girls school of Mgarr Mgarr's primary Boys School Narrow street of Mgarr petrol station in Mgarr side Steeple of the Mgarr parish Church Small dead end street in Mgarr Steeple of the Parish Church Assumption in mgarr

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