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A detailed timeline of Maltese History

History - Malta timelineImportant historical dates for Malta and Gozo

Maltese Pre-history and ancient civilizations

5,200 BC Stone Age farmers arrive in Malta

3,600-2,500 BC - The age of building temples in Malta

800 BC - The Phoenicians from Lebanon sail to Malta

400 BC - The city of Carthage in North Africa rules Malta

218 BC - The Romans conquer Malta

Christianity is brought to Malta

History - Malta timelinec. 60 AD - St. Paul is shipwrecked in Malta

870 -  The Arabs conquer

1090 - the Normans capture Malta

1283 - The kingdom of Aragon in Spain takes Malta

1412 - The kingdom of Castille in Spain takes Malta. Later Aragon and Castille unite and Malta becomes part of the Spanish Empire.


Arrival of The Knights of St. John to Malta

History - Malta timeline

1530 - The Spanish king gives Malta to the Knights of St John

1562 - The Inquisition is established in Malta

1565 - The Turks lay siege to Malta but fail to capture it

1566 - La Vallette builds the city of Valletta

1634 - New fortifications are built across the peninsula south of Valletta. They are designed by Pietro Paolo Floriani and are now known as the city of Floriana.

1693 - Malta is badly damaged by an earthquake

Napoleon's conquest of Malta and the British Empire

History - Malta timeline1798 - The French land in Malta

1800 - The French surrender to the British Empire

1919 - The Maltese riot against the British

1921 - Malta is given a new constitution and Joseph Howard becomes the first prime minister

1940 - The Italians bomb Malta

1942 - George VI awards the people of Malta the George Cross

1947 - Malta is awarded another constitution

Malta's independence and Modern Times

History - Malta timeline1964 - Malta becomes an independent state

1974 - Malta becomes a republic

1979 - The last British servicemen leave Malta

2004 - Malta joins the European Union

2008 - Malta joins the Euro zone