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Nadur: a typical Gozitan town, famous for its Carnival

Nadur is located in the Eastern part of Gozo, Malta's sister island. Nadur is built on a plateau; and with a population of around 4,000 people, it is one of the largest localities in Gozo.

The word ‘Nadur’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘nadara’ which means ‘lookout’, pretty much having the same meaning as its motto ‘Vigilant’. The motto appears in Nadur’s coat of arms that shows the sun coming up from blue seas.

Nobody knows exactly when the first inhabitants settled in Nadur, however, it is sure that the plateau with a few farmhouses scattered around, were in existence much before the time became a parish. Some archaeological remains were found in the limits of Nadur; large flat stones were found in a field between San Blas Bay and Daħlet Qorrot, which according to historians, these roofed structures were once serving as temples.

Throughout the years, Nadur played a vital part in the defence of Gozo. During the time of the Knights, a watch tower was built by Grandmaster Nicolas Cotoner, called Dahlet Qorrot Tower. Another watchtower in Nadur is Ta' Kenuna Tower built by the British towards in the 19th century, linking Malta and Gozo with a telegraph link. From the top of this tower, there are incredible views of Gozo, Comino and the Northern part of Malta. The new Maltese Garden at Kenuna makes this area a must-see for all visitors.

Near Nadur are San Blas and Dahlet Qorrot Bays, tiny rocky bays with spectacular views, on the North Eastern coast. These areas are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, picnics, and trekking.

Nadur: things to see and do

The Parish Church: The parish church is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul. It is exceptional monument, both in terms of architecture and paintings, marble works and decorations. The church was designed by the Maltese architect Giuseppe Bonnici and constructed at the highest point in Nadur, on September 28, 1760. The precious titular statue of St. Peter and St. Paul was made in Marseille in 1882. It is a masterpiece that adorns the church, and it is taken out for a procession during the feast, that is celebrated annually in the 29th of June.

San Blas Bay: This sandy beach provides an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing.

Dahlet Qorrot Bay: This popular spot is also a spectacular beach, ideal for sunbathing and swimming

Nadur Carnival: Celebrated annually at around February, Nadur Carnival is a spontaneous festival that atttracts thousands of locals and foreigners in a costume parade around the town. Book accommodation early, because Gozo in Carnival is packed to the brim!

Gozo Nadur, Gozo Website Population : 4181 Local council :
North Street, Nadur, Gozo NDR 1222,Phone: +356 2155 8080
Bus number : 303 322
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Beautiful view from Nadur gozo monument of Dun Karm Caruana in nadur gozo Beautiful house in nadur Gozo Belvedere of Nadur with beautiful views of Gozo Children's playground in Nadur Gozo nadur monument with view over the gozo channel nadur parish church st. peter and st. paul. Nadur Police station and square Nice statue in Nadur with views in gozo old men resting on benches in nadur gozo Path leading to Nadur countryside in Gozo Ta kenuna bar & restaurant in nadur gozo View from Nadur over the gozo channel and comino Views from Nadur gozo towards the sea One of the chapels in Nadur Gozo.

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