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Dingli, majestic cliffs and the highest point of Malta

Dingli is a small village on the west coast of Malta, quite isolated from the rest of the villages. Dingli has a population of 3,326 persons living in an area of 5.7 km2 and located on a plateau by the sea around 300 meters above sea level, on the highest point in Malta. Dingli cliffs fall straight down into the sea and provide open sea views over the small isle of Filfla.

Dingli has been inhabited since prehistoric time. Archaeologist date the town back to the times of the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians after some graves, dug out of the rocks, were found. The Romans who occupied Malta in 218 BC also used these same tombs. The village of Dingli most probably got its name from the surname of Maltese families who owned the land in the area. Today the inhabitants of Dingli make their living cultivating their fields for their own use but also selling some of the produce.

In Dingli one can find not only the breath taking Dingli cliffs but also Buskett Gardens, which is the only woodland area in Malta. Buskett Gardens is overlooked by Verdala Palace, which is the official summer residence of the President of Malta.

Dingli: Things to do and see

Buskett Gardens: This is one of the greenest areas in Malta, Buskett Gardens houses many different type of trees, bushes and flowers. Buskett Garden is very popular for walks and picnics.

Verdala Palace:Verdala Palace has been the official summer residence of the President of Malta since 1987. The palace was built in 1586 by Grandmaster Hughes Loubenx De Verdalle is surrounded by Buskett Gardens, and a stone moat. The Place was used as a prison by Napoleon to be abandoned later on by the French. Governor Sir William Reid restored the Palace in 1858.

Misrah Ghar il-Kbir (Clapham Junction): These cart ruts date back to prehistoric times in Dingli, Malta.  This is a network of tracks wooden cart wheels once dug in the rock.

Dingli Cliffs: The magnificient cliffs give spectacular sights when viewed from sea level or from top as they offer a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea and Filfla. The cliffs drop 250-300 meter into the sea with some flat slopes before dropping again to the sea. Local farmers have cultivated the slopes as small terrace fields. The cliffs stretch well beyond the village of Dingli.

St Mary Magdalena Chapel: The chapel was dedicated to St Mary Magdalene and was built in 1646 by the nearby villagers. The chapel is located on the cliff top viewpoint south of Dingli. The chapel in Dingli has recently been restored with the construction date engraved above the entrance door.

West-Malta Dingli, Malta Population : 3,326 Local council :
Community Centre, Sienja Lane, Dingli Malta, Phone: +356 21456060
Bus number : 52, 107, 201
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Fields and cultures around Dingli Alley in Dingli's gardens altar side in St Mary's Church of Dingli Body and main Door of St mary's Church in Dingli Body of St Mary's Church in Dingli Bus 810 in Dingli Dingli bus station Dingli's cemetery Dingli's St Mary's church's Rotunda Entrance to Dingli's St Mary's Church Fields around Dingli Guze Ellul Mercer's Statue in Dingli Side of St Mary's Dingli Church St Mary's Church in Dingli Statue of Francis Ebejer in Dingli Statue of politician Guze Abela in Dingli Statue on the side of the St Mary's Church in Dingli

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