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Local Council Elections in Malta 

34 towns will have new representatives this Saturday

Next Saturday, 10th of March, 2012 sees the next edition of elections for Local Council in Malta. Apart from electing local representatives from the localities in question to take care of local issues, these elections have larger implications to the political parties that dominate Malta’s political situation, as they tend to reflect the direction of the electorate’s voting in the next general election, which is due for the early months of 2013. 

In fact, both the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party have a lot at stake in these Local Council Elections. The Nationalist Party has been in government for the last 14 years, and the recent political unrest brought about by a no-confidence vote, gives them a disadvantage. 

And the Labour Party are exploiting this by creating an intensive campaign of press conferences and public meetings in the 34 localities where elections will be held this year, in order to make sure that eligible voters cast their vote to consolidate the lead that they seem to be having. This year’s electoral campaign didn’t make it to the headlines as much as the previous editions, as the recent political upheavals kept journalists busy on other issues.

The 17th edition of Local Council Elections in Malta

Next week's election will be the 17th round of local council elections held since 1993. Local councils are meant to coordinate issues related to the towns’ community life and some aspects of the organization, including, but not limited to traffic logistics, environmental practices, general town up-keeping, events and activities in the respective town and so on. 

The Local Council Elections of 2012 promise to create a lot of interest this weekend, and while we will keep a close eye on what the happenings, we want to wish all the best for each candidate running for this edition. Good luck!


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