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Wing Chun Kung Fu EBMAS

EBMAS Wing Tzun Kung Fu (a.k.a: Wing Tsun & Wing Chun) is a very effective and realistic self defense system which is not based upon physical strength or acrobatic ability and therefore allows a physically weaker person to defend him/herself irrispective of the strength and size of his opponent.
In Ebmas Wing Tsun you will learn to use the force of the opponent and turn it against him.

The Ebmas Wing Tsun system covers all possible aspects and situations of a confrontation. This includes kicks and punches, elbow and knee techniques, grappling (holding, barring, throwing, etc.) and ground fighting.

EBMAS Wing Tsun can be learned and built upon fairly quickly and is excellent for all ages, men and women. Students learn a complete system of concepts, forms, reflexes, and sparring with which they will learn to defend themselves in the street.

Wing Tsun is not only beneficial for self defence but will also benefit you in reflexes and reactions, concentration, fitness and conditioning, self-confidence and also a practical philosphy for life.


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